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sj Jealousy 2/4

title: four times hankyung got jealous
pairing/rating: hankyung/heechul, pg13


In the logical part of his brain, Hankyung knows that Heechul and Yunho are good friends, that they have known each other for forever.  He was there when Yunho was attacked by the anti, he was the one who prevented Heechul from destroying the dorm, who talked Heechul down after he lit up the blogosphere as well as upper level management.  However, it turns out that the rest of his brain beats the logical part down and joins the rest of him in hating it when Heechul pays attention to anyone that isn’t Hankyung.  It usually isn’t a problem, because Dong Bang Shin Ki never seems to leave Japan, and Heechul has been hanging all over Hankyung since his minor breakdown during dance practice. He’s had no less than six of his bandmates offer to ‘save’ him from the other man’s attention, and Eeteuk has taken to setting aside extra portions of food just for Hankyung, accompanied by a motherly pat on the head and a sympathetic look.  The entire situation is actually working out very well for Hankyung, he gets to cuddle with Heechul more than usual, the entire band is being extra nice to him, and he gets to annoy Kangin everytime they have a meal, which makes Heechul even happier. It’s the best two weeks of Hankyung’s life--then Dong Bang Shin Ki returns from Japan.

They all end up at the Super Junior dorm, because somehow everyone ends up at the Super Junior dorm—Hankyung had walked in one day the previous week to find all of Big Bang, half of Shinee, and three of the Wondergirls engaged in what appeared to be a highly competitive game of Monopoly—and lounge around, being as quiet as a large group of boys can be. Hankyung is lying on his back on the floor, paging mildly through a paperback and half-listening to the chatter surrounding him, when Heechul walks through the door, finished with his schedule for the day. 

He smiles lightly, dumps his keys, wallet and mobile on a counter, then unceremoniously sits on Hankyung’s stomach.  When Hankyung wheezes, regains his breath, and begins to complain, Heechul’s only reply is to bounce obnoxiously.  They amuse themselves for a few minutes with this, until Hankyung becomes aware of someone’s eyes upon them.  He twists his body around, craning his neck to peer around Heechul, and sees Yunho looking at them curiously.  Heechul notices that Hankyung isn’t playing anymore and pouting, turns to see what the interruption is.  Once Heechul is looking, Yunho’s previously solemn face splits into a wide grin and he jumps to his feet, spins around on his toes and begins to enact a series of cute, childish poses, interspersed with cries of Hyung! Hyungieee! Hankyung gapes, completely speechless, as the charismatic leader of the most popular, most attractive musical sensation in the eastern hemisphere acts like A Total Retard.

He looks about wildly, because this isn’t normal, can’t be normal, even for Korea (which, as far as Hankyung can tell, is a weirdass place).  Junsu and Eunhyuk are engrossed in something on Changmin’s phone, three heads bent close together as they peer at the small screen and chatter animatedly.  Hankyung catches Yoochun’s eye, and tries to make his expression into a comradely hey, has your leader gone nuts or what? The other boy makes a gesture somewhere between let’s make soup together and I’m going to stab you in the face, and Hankyung hurriedly breaks eye contact.  However, the rest of room’s reactions aren’t making much sense either.  Sungmin and Ryeowook are watching with hearts in their eyes, Jaejoong looks long-suffering, and Eeteuk simply doesn’t care.  He wishes the weirdest thing his charges did was act cute to each other.

The strangest reaction in the room, by far, is Heechul’s.  Heechul hates cute acts. He hated Sungmin for weeks when they first formed, and Sungmin’s cuteness isn’t even an act.  So at Yunho’s puffing of his cheecks, jutting out his lips and widening his eyes, Hankyung is expecting a tongue-lashing, mocking, disbelief, some form of what the fuck, has Japan fried your brain?  But Heechul actually laughs, tries to jump up, fails, lands hard back on Hankyung’s diaphragm, tries again and succeeds in getting to his feet, grabs Yunho’s wrists and spins around in circles with the other boy.  Hankyung would make some expression of disbelief, but he hasn’t regained his breath yet, so he watches, gasping, as the two boys hold hands and skip out of the apartment, Heechul tossing back a casual don’t wait up before the door shuts behind them. Hankyung’s diaphragm reluctantly recovers.

“What,” he wheezes, looking around the room. “I, I—”No one else appears to think that was strange. He tries again, “What?!?” He full-body flails, incapable of vocally expressing his frustration.

“Are you having a seizure?” asks Eeteuk, alarmed, “You can’t have a seizure, none of you can have seizures, I can’t deal with seizures!” He sits back down, winded.

Kangin massages his shoulders comfortingly and glares the room down. “You heard him.”

Heechul doesn’t come home that night, and Hankyung’s texts go unanswered until the next morning, when Heechul staggers into the dorm, collapses on Hankyung’s bed and bitches about the adverse affect of vibrations on blossoming hangovers.  Feeling bitchy himself, Hankyung sends him a text every twenty minutes for the rest of the day.

By late afternoon Heechul’s hangover seems to have faded, and Hankyung gets a text demanding a full home-cooked dinner as reparation.  Hankyung decides to do it, but because he wants to, not because Heechul asked him to.

Plus, he thinks later, after he’s both prepared two plates and threatened Eunhyuk with bodily harm if any of it goes missing, Heechul will be spending the evening with him, not Yunho, and he’s willing to bet Siwon’s love for Jesus that Yunho’s never cooked a meal for Heechul, ever. This thought puts him in high spirits, where he stays until Heechul calls. Heechul, who is going out with Yunho for dinner, because the Dong Bang boys are headed back to Japan already, can you believe that, and thanks for understanding, Hannie, I knew you would.  Heechul does that thing he does where he talks so fast native Koreans have trouble understanding him in time to respond, never mind Hankyung, who still has trouble getting directions to the bathroom during Super Shows.  So the call ends without Hankyung getting the chance to say that not only does he not understand, he doesn’t care, or approve, and that he hopes Dong Bang Shin Ki stay in Japan forever.

He refrains from throwing the dishes against the wall, a decision he’d like to attribute to his maturity and growth as a person, but probably has more to do with that fact that Eeteuk has banned breakable cutlery, and sturdy plastic bouncing off the wall wouldn’t be very satisfying.  Instead, he furiously scrapes the food into the trash, ignoring Eunhyuk’s mournful look, slams the plates into the sink, and storms to his room, slamming the door behind him. He paces furiously for a few minutes, then throws himself down on his bed, fuming.

“Eunhyuk!” shrieks Eeteuk, “Get out of ther—oh, for god’s sake, don’t eat that!”

Two days later, Hankyung’s mood has not improved, and everyone has noticed.  When he walks into the studio for the radio interview, Siwon envelopes him in a never ending hug, Sungmin offers him a (pink) teddy bear (“to hug, hyung!”), and Donghae makes him wear his new panda hat.  Kangin takes one look at him and goes, “Jesus, are you having another emo episode?”

“Hyung,” whines Siwon, “you know how I feel about—” Hankyung tunes them out.  He wants to point out that he is not emo, he is furiously angry, but it’s taking all of his concentration to hold on to his anger while wearing a giant panda on his head, so he stays quiet.

During the interview, the MC asks Hankyung who he is closest with within Super Junior, a routine question, and Hankyung chokes on Heechul’s name.  Hankyung hasn’t been alone with Heechul since Heechul blew him off for Jung Yunho, who isn’t even that good of a dancer anyway, because Heechul has been busy with his drama, and Hankyung has been busy avoiding Heechul.  He misses Heechul, misses having his primadonna bitchy self flouncing through Hankyung’s life, turning everything upside down and dragging Hankyung along with him.  Hankyung becomes aware that he has taken off his headset and is gripping it so tightly that his knuckles have gone white around the metal. Donghae is wrapped around one side of him, Sungmin the other, Shindong and Kangin have burst into spontaneous dancing in an effort to distract the cameras, and the MC is staring at him, clearly puzzled by Hankyung’s extreme emotional response to a seemingly innocuous question.  Eeteuk has taken Siwon’s bible and is sitting with his head in his hands, mumbling under his breath.

When management has done enough groveling that the editors have agreed to cut the incident out of the visual release and they can leave, they return to the apartments to find Heechul reclining on a sofa, flipping through a fashion magazine. He looks up at their arrival.

“Jesus,” he says, and then rushes on before Siwon can get started, “look at this bitch.” He flips the magazine so Hankyung can see the model he’s referring to. “She looks like what would happen if Jaejoong’s hair from The Way You Are and G-Dragon got drunk and dropped an assbaby.”

Hankyung does not respond, because Heechul blew him off and he is Angry and Not Amused and Holding Strong, and—holy shit, she really does. “Lemme see!” He jumps over the back of the couch, landing next to but mostly on Heechul. They untangle themselves and spend the evening cackling over the models and picking out outfits that would be most likely to make Eeteuk cry if they wore them to the next interview.  By the time Heechul climbs into Hankyung’s bed and proclaims himself hotter than the models could ever wish to be, Hankyung has forgotten about being angry with him.

Hankyung wakes up the next morning to Heechul dancing along with Japanese bubblegum blasting out of his mobile, shrieking nonsense along with the tune.  Hankyung sits up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and Heechul takes notice.

“Yah, Hankyung! Come and dance with me!” Hankyung laughs.

“You call that dancing? What is this, anyway?” Heechul arches his back, spins on his toes, head bangs and does a full-body wave.

“NEWS! It’s a big gay Japanese disco, and it’s fantastic.” Hankyung gives in, as he always seems to do when concerning Heechul, and they jump around the room, bouncing off walls and assorted furniture, until someone bangs on the wall.

“Shut the fuck up!” bellows Kangin. 

Heechul kicks the wall with his good leg and thunders back, “Get the fuck out! You don’t even live here!”

Hankyung turns up the music and reaches for Heechul’s hand.

Heechul reaches back.


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