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sj Jealousy 1/4

title: four times hankyung got jealous
pairing/rating: hankyung/heechul, pg13
summary: like the title says, my friends, :)

When Heechul laughingly pronounces Donghae his “favourite dongsaeng “ and proceeds to pet Donghae affectionately for the rest of the radio interview, Hankyung can’t stop the involuntary tightening of his facial muscles, or the glare he fixes on Donghae, who isn’t helping anything by preening under Heechul’s attention, . Because, hello, Hankyung should so clearly have been the answer to that question. Heechul should have spouted his name immediately, and then done something to mock his personality, his accent, or his existence in general. Hankyung sulks for the rest of the day, and is a complete ass to Donghae at dinner when the younger boy asks him to pass the salt. Donghae looks confused and hurt, and Eeteuk casts disapproving glances in his direction. Hankyung feels horribly guilty and so buys Donghae a cheap goldfish, which earns him Donghae’s forgiveness and everyone else’s irritation.

Hankyung decides to focus his anger on Heechul, since it happens to be Heechul’s fault, and he has lots of practice being angry at Heechul without actually doing anything about it. Except, he decides, this time he is going to do something about it, because this time Heechul has gone too far. Somewhere in his mind, he realizes that he is being really ridiculous, and this is Not A Big Deal, but he can’t stop himself from compiling a list of reasons his name should have been said (immediately, without pause) instead of Donghae’s, and rehearsing it in the van ride to dance practice. This earns him a concerned look from Ryeowook, a confused look from Yehsung, and a frightened look from the breakfast cart girl.

He corners Heechul during a break and flails for a moment while he forgets his speech entirely, before Ryeowook and Yehsung helpfully start to mime behind Heechul, starting him off.

“Yah! Kim Heechul! I, I, I cook for you, I,” he squints at Yehsung, who looks like he’s coughing up a hairball while Ryeowook makes clawing motions with his hands, “I take care of your cat, I…do the octopus dance?”

“Sorry,” says Yehsung, “I got distracted.” Hankyung pulls himself together. Focus, he thinks. He waves his arms and makes a manly, inarticulate noise that gives voice to his innermost, passionate rage. Eeteuk leaves to get Pepto Bismo.

Hankyung thinks about making Heechul food and never getting thanked, about Heechul pulling him to the front time after time, about lying in bed together at three in the morning drinking soju, about how ridiculously hard he’s taking this favourite dongsaeng thing. He wants to be the one that immediately pops into Heechul’s mind, he wants to have the full of Heechul’s attention, he wants, he wants, he wants Heechul. He freezes mid flail as that sinks all the way in. He wants Heechul in a way that is more than they are now, which is rather frightening, because they’re already dangerously co-dependent. Hankyung becomes suddenly aware that he is frozen with his limbs askew, looking rather like Siwon’s first try at serious acting, and that every single member of Super Junior and two fifths of Dong Bang Shin Ki are looking at him with varying degrees of concern, except Yoochun, who looks overjoyed at Hankyung’s spazzing. DO SOMETHING, his mind shrieks.

“I PUT UP WITH YOU,” he shouts, and then, to his utter horror, bursts into tears. He’s sobbing, about how much that stupid, stupid, comment that probably no one else even remembers hurt him, about how much angst this thing he has for Heechul is going to put him through in the future. Most of his members are gaping at him in horrified concern, Ryeowook looks like he’s going to join him in tears.

Heechul grabs Hankyung and drags him out of the room and down the hallway, shoves a potted plant out of the way and pulls them both into a more or less secluded alcove. He then shifts from side to side, shuffles his feet and peers at a spot on the ceiling. To his credit, Hankyung pulls himself together rather quickly, going from quick hitches in every breath to occasional soft hiccups in about a minute and a half. Once he’s calm, Hankyung fixes his gaze on the same point on the ceiling that Heechul is intensely studying. They stand there for a moment, Heechul searching for words, Hankyung thinking of any possible way to get out of this undoubtedly awkward encounter without giving the other man any indication of Hankyung’s true feelings. The tension continues until Heechul forgoes finding words and smacks Hankyung upside the head.

“Yah! Look at me!” Hankyung does what he says automatically, taking his first good look at Heechul since he’s started acting like an overly-emotional girl. Heechul looks awkwardly concerned, his usual brashness faded, searching Hankyung’s face for answers.

“Hankyung,” he starts. Stops. Starts again, hands fluttering ineffectually. “Are you, I mean, is everything, has something,” he stops again. He steps closer to Hankyung, hesitant in a way that’s startlingly out of character. “Have…I done something, to, to upset you?” Heechul is never like this, never anxious, and he tilts his head closer, to get a better look at Hankyung.

Hankyung, who is still struggling with his most recent realization. That he’d like to pull Heechul closer by his beltloops, trace Heechul’s collarbone with his teeth, touch his nose to the curve of Heechul’s neck, wake up to Heechul’s shrieking covers of Japanese glam rocker hits for the rest of his life. His mind wanders a little, which Heechul takes as an affirmative to his earlier inquiry. Generally, Heechul refuses to believe he’s done anything wrong, even when it’s glaringly obvious to everyone else, but Hankyung figures that in this case, his complete breakdown has softened Heechul, who has always been quicker to give in to Hankyung than anyone else anyway.

“What have I done? Because I make you pay? Because I don’t speak formally to you?” He pauses, and lowers his voice. “Is this about the thing with Yoochun?”

Hankyung blinks, because that explains so much “um, what? Wait, what?”

Heechul looks back at him innocently. “hmm? What?” Like much of what goes on with Heechul, Hankyung ignores it and presses onwards.

“No, it’s not…nothing you’ve done.” Heechul presses closer, demanding an answer, eyes huge and vulnerable. Hankyung casts his mind about desperately for an excuse that will fly, ranging from true-but-ridiculous I miss my parents to not-true-but-no-less-ridiculous particles of dust led a coordinated attack upon my eyeballs to not-true-but-not-completely-out-of-the-question Yehsung did it. Hankyung is a bit at a loss. Usually when he does something completely out of character, he can blame it on Heechul, and everyone takes it in stride, but now that’s not a possibility, and Heechul actually manages to open his eyes even wider, softens his face even more. Hankyung panics, and word vomits one of the stupider things his mind has conjured in the past thirty seconds. Or, like, ever.

“It’s…that time of the month,” he blurts out, and then stops dead as his words permeate the panicked fog surrounding his brain. Heechul is gaping at him, actually speechless for once, possibly for the first time in his life. Silence reigns for a long, long moment, during which Hankyung works to forget he ever said such a thing, and brainstorms ways to make Heechul do the same. Heechul twitches once, twice, then starts to shake with laughter, in uncontrollable spasms. Hankyung closes his eyes, sighs, and then joins him, because he has never been able to sit out anything involving Heechul. Heechul grabs his shoulder for balance, then gives up and collapses onto Hankyung. They lean on each other all the way back to practice, and are unable to stop giggling for the rest of the day, annoying the crap out of everyone, which really just makes it more amusing to Heechul.

Later, Hankyung thinks that though that was the most embarrassingly retarded thing he’s ever said ever, but it paid off in that Heechul has no idea of Hankyung’s feelings. Heechul doesn’t question him further, but is extra sweet to him in the next week, freaking out everyone who witnesses it. Eeteuk can’t believe it, but hopes it lasts, Sungmin squeals about how sweet they are, Siwon sulks, jealous, and Kibum doesn’t care, but Kangin is convinced that Heechul is plotting something seriously evil, and convinces Yehsung they need to watch him carefully. Hankyung ignores them all and basks in the attention, unable to stop smiling.

One night, they’re eating dinner, all together, sitting on counters, chairs, and the floor, generally being loud and ridiculous, when the doorbell rings. Kibum opens it to a bored looking teenage girl dressed in a delivery uniform, holding a box the size of a toaster. She pops her gum.

“Delivery for a Han Kyung?” Hankyung stands and reaches to sign for the package, feeling curious, a little irritated because he really thinks Heechul was about to feed him, and totally unprepared for Yehsung to come sailing through the air with a war cry, attempting to grab the box away from the girl. The delivery girl shrieks and refuses to let go, prompting a tug of war between her and Yehsung, who, has far as Hankyung can tell, has gone completely insane, even for Yehsung. It ends when Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and manages to cart Yehsung away, the latter protesting all the while. Eeteuk fixes Kangin with A Look that Kangin studiously ignores, and Hankyung carries his package to the table, where everyone crowds around. He opens it, expecting maybe something from his parents or the fans, and instead pulls out a small, slim cylinder. He looks at it, puzzled, and then it hits him. It’s a tampon. The entire box is full of tampons. He flings it down while simultaneously throwing himself backwards, they all look at it in horror as it rolls to a stop on the table. Shindong drops his chopsticks. Hankyung looks up, slowly, at Heechul, who is smirking at him, teeth showing, a complete bitch. He is so, so, hot, and for once, Hankyung doesn’t care.

“HEECHUL!” he shrieks, and throws himself across the table, intent on doing real harm. He is restrained by Sungmin and Siwon, and so turns to Eeteuk.

“Hyung!” he splutters, indignant, “hyung!” He points at Heechul, speechless. Eeteuk looks like he doesn’t want to know, but turns to Heechul with a sigh.

“Heechul,” he says in his leader voice, “Heechul, did you do-” he waves vaguely at the table, “-this?” Heechul blinks at him, smirk gone, eyes wide with innocence.

“Why would I do this?” Hankyung squeaks, because he’s certainly not going to explain that one, and then feels deeply betrayed as everyone just sort of shrugs and wanders off. He’s still glaring at the package on the table, alone in the kitchen, when Heechul comes up behind him, draping himself over Hankyung’s back, resting his head on Hankyung’s shoulder.

“Hankyungie,” Heechul starts. Stops. His voice softens. “You’re okay, right? And you know, you can tell me.” He nuzzles Hankyung’s ear, presses a kiss against Hankyung’s temple. “You can tell me anything.”

Hankyung tilts his head back, slides his fingers into Heechul’s, feels the press of their faces, Heechul’s hair tickles his neck. He closes his eyes and breathes in the other man.

“I know,” he breathes, “I know.”

Heechul’s arms tighten around his neck.


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